Property Claims

Should your department experience loss or damage to property owned by KSU, please contact the Insurance and Risk Management office immediately.  You will need to fill out the Property Damage Form, with as much accurate information as you can.

DOAS provides building and contents insurance coverage based on property and values reported by your department every year.  All of the information is input into DOAS’ BLLIP (Buildings, Land, Lease and Inventoried property) System.

In addition to providing insurance on all State owned buildings and personal property, DOAS also makes available a Special Property All Risk Agreement to cover our exposure to loss of money and securities, watercraft used on inland lakes, fine arts, mobile equipment (e.g. backhoes, forklifts, golf carts) and personal property temporarily away from premises (Transient Property) and Non-Owned Property (leased, borrowed or loaned property).

Each year in December your department is required to complete an Inventory of all Non-Owned Property and a Transient Property Inventory.  It is essential that you list all property on the inventory lists with the proper value for each item.  This is the amount of insurance that will be placed on the item.  If you list an item with a value of $3,000 and it actually cost $8,000, DOAS will only insure the item for the amount that was indicated on the inventory form.  Therefore, in the event of loss you are not adequately covered for the item.